Traditional IngredientDescriptionYou'll find it in…
Almond ExtractCertified OrganicBanana Muffin Cereal
Apple SauceCertified Organic – contains only apples!Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Cereal
BananasWhole, Organic, Frozen when RipeBanana Muffin Cereal
Black Cherry Juice ConcentrateAll Natural, contains only black cherry juiceCashew Berry Crunch Cereal
Carob PowderAll natural, roastedCarob Crème Cereal
Coconut ChipsCertified Organic, Dried at 98 degreesOriginal Coconut Cereal, Trail Mix, Snack Mix
Coconut MilkCertified Organic, whole (not reduced fat)Carob Crème Cereal
CranberriesCertified Organic, Sweetened (Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil) Cashew Berry Crunch, Trail Mix
Honey – Low HeatLocally Harvested, minimally heatedCereals, Snack Mix
Honey – RAWRaw, Locally Harvested in the warmer monthsNut Butters
Maple SyrupLocally HarvestedCereals, Snack Mix
Nuts – AlmondsCertified Organic, RawAlmonds, Almond Butter, Mixed Nut Butter, Banana Muffin Cereal, Trail Mix, Mixed Nuts, Snack Mix
Nuts – Brazil NutsCertified Organic, Raw, WholeBrazil Nuts, Trail Mix
Nuts – CashewsCertified Organic, Raw Whole and Pieces CashewsCashews, Cashew Berry Crunch Cereal, Cashew Nut Butter, Mixed Nut Butter, Trail Mix, Mixed Nuts, Snack Mix
Nuts – PecansCertified Organic, Raw, Halves & PiecesPecans, Nut Butters, Orange Pecan Cereal, Pecan Pumpkin Pie Cereal, Trail Mix, Mixed Nuts
Nuts – WalnutsCertified Organic, Raw, Halves & PiecesWalnuts, Walnut Butter, Mixed Nut Butter, Trail Mix, Mixed Nuts
Orange ExtractCertified OrganicOrange Pecan Cereal
PumpkinCertified Organic, Canned – just pumpkinPecan Pumpkin Pie Cereal (available Oct – Dec)
Pumpkin SeedsCertified Organic, RawPumpkin Seeds, Mixed Seeds, Trail Mix
RaisinsCertified Organic, Thompson Raisins Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Cereal, Trail Mix
RiceCertified Organic, BrownSprouted Grain Flour, Creamy Sprouted Grain Cereal
Rolled OatsCertified OrganicCereals
SaltSea SaltCereals, Nut Butters, Soaking Water for Nuts
Spices – variesAll Certified OrganicCereals
Sunflower SeedsCertified Organic, RawSunflower Seeds, Mixed Seeds, Trail, Mix, Snack Mix
VanillaMade from Certified Organic Vanilla Beans in the JoshEWEa’s Garden kitchenCereals, Snack Mix
Water ............................................ Well water, tested annually by the county, minimally filteredUsed in all soaking water