Organic Sprouted Grain Flour

The very first product to roll out of the commercial kitchen located in our home was Sprouted Wheat Flour. Sprouted and held in cool storage, then freshly ground and delivered to our local farm store to serve the needs of our local customers on a lovely May day in 2008. These were our humble and simple beginnings… Today, you can find Sprouted Organic Wheat and Spelt ~ as freshly ground flour as well as sprouted berries that are ready for YOU to grind. They are both available in our online store in 2 pound and 5 pound bags. And if you head on over to our Special Orders page in our online store, you will find a selection of our most often requested sprouted grain flours. These must be purchased in 5 pound bags, as a minimum, and we ask for a little extra time to make them up for you. If you don’t see your favorite, please contact us, we welcome your special orders to sprout the grains of your choice!