Cashew Berry Crunch Cereal

My hubby loves “craisins” and wanted something berry-ish. Most newcomers to Traditional foods enjoy this cereal because it is a tad sweeter than the others (due to the addition of the cranberries AND black cherry juice) which leads them to try our other products where they can learn how tasty Traditional foods can be ~ even without extensive or artificial sweetening. The combination of fruit and nuts and cherry juice work together to make this one as delicious as it is pretty. And yes, hubby was very happy with it!


Each of our pre-soaked oatmeal cereals CONTAINS ONLY organic or all-natural locally produced ingredients. Our methods and ingredients (a complete ingredient list can be found here.) adhere to the guidelines established by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Our process of preparing these cereals is considered “Traditional” in that it employs similar methods that were used by our grandparents, and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents…! By soaking our organic rolled oats in an acidic medium for an extended time the properties in the grain are transformed, making the grains easier on your tummy. (For more scientific details on the powerful effects of soaking nuts and grains see our “links” page for articles and resources.) Each of our cereals can be eaten right out of the bag, tossed into your yogurt or covered with milk. For even easier digestion, grains should be cooked.  These cereals cook up quickly on your stove, covered with a bit of water and simmered until the creaminess is to your liking.  Watch out – the aroma can be intoxicating!  Beyond the science of superior nutrition, the taste of Traditional foods will amaze and delight you.